Welcome to The Cat Scoop!

I worked in rescues for years. I’ve even had a cat when I was about 10 years old, but I’ve always been a dog person. Big dogs and little dogs – I’ve always been more in-tune with canines.

But, in June 2012, a small white kitten came into my life, and my interest in felines was sparked again.

I wanted Moe to have a friend other than dogs, so in October, I adopted a 7-month old lynx-point Siamese kitten.  After about a month, Molly finally came out of her shell and was a part of the family.

Being raised with dogs, Moe has always been more dog-like, whereas Molly has more cat-like behaviors.

With Moe and Molly’s help, I decided to create The Cat Scoop, and with their continued help, I hope to write posts that will both inform and entertain.

You may see a few dogs sniffing around the pictures and in the stories, but never fear, this site will be about cats- the different breeds, their behaviors, health, and more.

– Whitney, Moe and Molly