I brought Moe home as a 6-week old kitten and Molly was 7-months old.  But, you’ll find there are many benefits of bringing home an adult cat versus a kitten or juvenile. The main benefit of adopting an adult cat is that most people go straight toward the cute, rambunctious kittens, so you’re giving an adult cat a chance at a new life.

adult cat in cageBy adopting an adult cat, you pretty much know what you’re getting. You know the cats activity level, sociability and basic health.

Given time in a loving home, an adult cat can bond to you just like, if not better, than bringing home a kitten.


  • Adult cats generally don’t get into as much trouble as a curious kitten, so you don’t have to worry about kitten-proofing.
  • Adult cats are already litter trained.

If you’re adopting a cat for a home with a child or senior, you’ll find adult cats are usually calmer and less destructive. Kittens

Adult cats are more appreciative than kittens for the chance you’ve given them at a good home, so they tend to be more affectionate and grateful.


  • By adopting a cat instead of a kitten, he’s probably already been fixed.
  • Adult cats are usually up-to-date on his shots, so you get to skip all the kitten vaccinations.
  • When assessing an adult cat, you can make a generally assessment about the cats health by his weight, coat, tear ducts and gum color.