Not all cats like the company of other felines, but domestics cats are social creatures within their own groups. Cats are not like dogs and live in packs, but there is a social structure.

Generally, a colony of cats consist of female cats and their kittens. As the kittens get older, the males will leave the group and live solitary lives. Some male cats may try to integrate into a colony, but it generally takes a very long time and slow introductions.

Cats choose when they want to be social and with whom.

When pairing cats together, it’s best to adopt siblings or a mother and daughter. The social structure is already established, so it makes sense.

If you already have one cat and want to bring home another, it can be difficult. The introduction should be slow and gradual.

Cats who live together may not hiss or fight with each other, but that doesn’t meant that they like each other. Some cats who live together merely tolerate each other.

Cats who rub against each other, groom each other or sleep together, they like each other.

Introducing a new cat, don’t force your existing cat to be friends with the new cat.