cat treeIn any home where there is a cat, a cat tree is a must. I had only had Moe for a month before my birthday came around; the only thing I asked my dad for was a cat tree. I had to have one for him.

It took Moe a few weeks to figure it out, as he was only a small kitten, but once he figured out how to climb up the posts, there was no stopping him.

I made the second ledge his feeding ledge, so that the dogs would leave him alone while he ate, and it’s still his feeding ledge months later.

When I brought Molly home, the same cat tree became her safe haven from the dogs. It’s, by far, the highest point in the house, so she felt the most comfortable there.

When Christmas came around, I asked for another cat tree. To me, having two cats means I need two cat trees. Well, Moe quickly took over the new cat tree and chase Molly off it whenever he realized she’s there.

Cat trees are great to have for any cat.

  • They create a place for your cats to get away from dogs and other animals.
  • Cat furniture creates a place for cats to stimulate their natural urge to climb.
  • They aid physical and mental stimulation, providing a place to climb through and on various tunnels, ledges, and obstacles.
  • Some cat trees offer sisal scratching posts that will allow cats to relieve their natural need to sharpen their claws.
  • Offering your cat(s) a place that is their own can sometimes get them off your furniture so that you have a place to sit.

Molly & Friends Layabout Carpeted Cat Tree PetPal Beige Square Shaped Cat Tree PetPal Grey Four Platform Cat Tree Molly & Friends Tom's Tower Carpeted Cat Tree

If you’re looking for large cat trees, check out the following pieces of cat furniture.

82 Inch Deluxe Cat Tree with Ramp Five Tier Cat Tree with Tunnel and Tower Green 57 Inch Cat Tree House with Sisal

What are your cat’s favorite features in a cat tree? Does he like dangling toys, sisal scratching posts, tunnels, swings, ladders, ropes, or does he just like regular ledges?