feeding kittens I’ve always been a fan of offering my dogs dry food, as there are many benefits which include both dental care for the dog (obviously not sole dental care) and less expensive for me.

When I got Moe, I knew I wanted to do the same, but Molly just wasn’t digging the dry kibble when she came along. So, I had to purchase can food for her until she got used to eating dry food.

Moe and Molly dog get can food on occasion, but I try to keep their diet a high quality dry cat food.

What you feed your cat may end up becoming your cat’s choice, or just whatever you end up preferring.

There are benefits to both types of cat food.

Can Food

  • High moisture content is a huge benefit for cats with kidney problems, as it helps keep them better hydrated. It’s also a benefit for cats who suffer lower urinary tract disease because the higher moisture content helps dilute the urine, which can alleviate or reduce the frequency of symptoms.
  • Many cats find can food more palatable.
  • Can make it easier to put your cat on a diet, as it can make him feel fuller, faster.
  • High percent of protein.

Dry Food

  • Cheaper and more convenient.
  • Offering dry food can benefit oral care, as the cat must chew the kibble which can help reduce tartar.

When offering a dry food online diet, cats have a higher risk of obesity, diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic renal failure, urinary crystals and cystitus, and dehydration. Dry cat food is higher in carbohydrates and much lower in moisture.

When feeding your cat, you may want to consider offering both can and dry food.

Just make sure that when choosing a cat food, check the ingredients and find a high quality, high protein cat food.

Which do you feed your cat?