There are many types of cat collars that you can choose for your furry felines. I opted for a collegiate break-away safety collar, but you may like the reflective safety collars or the buckle collars.

Reasons to Get a Cat Collar

Even if your cats are inside cats, like mine are, it’s still recommended to buy a cat collar. On the off-chance that they get outside, I want a visible marker that they’re a pet and not just a stray. The more likely someone is to think the cat is a pet, the more likely you are to get your cat back, especially if you have your pet(s) microchipped.

Another reason I wanted to give my cats collars was to know where they were. It’s not uncommon for Moe to sneak up behind me when I’m in the kitchen and end up stepped on. Having a bell on the collar is a great tool to know where they are to prevent me falling or them getting hurt.


Coastal safari cat harley adj.breakaway collar cob ULTRA SUEDE SAFETY CAT COLLAR ADJ 8-12in PINK W/BLUE

new cat collar


There are many different styles of cat collars that you can choose from. Some have patterns, others may have a reflective tape on them, and some are glitter. Depending on what you’re looking for and how much you want to spend, the options are definitely out there. The average cat collar costs about $5.00.

First Using the Collar

When you fist put the collar on your cat, he probably won’t like it so much. Start with short periods with the collar and elongate how long you make him wear it. He’ll probably scratch and shake his head trying to get the collar off, but leave it on until he leaves the collar on, then take it off (to start). Eventually, he’ll forget he’s even wearing the collar.


With a collar, you can hang the microchip tag and rabies tag. I wouldn’t hang too many things on a cat collar, as you don’t want to put too much added weight, so at a minimum, you may want to hang the rabies tag on the collar.


Having your cat(s) microchipped is definitely recommended. Each microchip has a unique ID number that is associated with your pet. Once scanned, the ID number can be searched to find you, (in some cases) a secondary person, and your vet.