Moe BathThere are tons of different types of cat shampoo available for purchase. Some are designed for hairball prevention and others for for itchy skin. Depending on what type of shampoo you need for your cat, you will want to search the different options that are available.

Sometimes, you may just need a regular cat shampoo, which is definitely available, as well.

But, when choosing a cat shampoo, you want to consider any special treatments that you might need, such as a soothing, medicated shampoo or a flea shampoo.

You want to consider whether or not you want to buy a conditioner or a shampoo/conditioner blend.

Do you want an herbal shampoo or just a regular ole’ soap blend?

In the end, you want to make sure that the shampoo you choose will remove excess oils, dirt, and pollutants. You won’t have to bathe your cat too often, but once in a while, a good ole fashion bath may be necessary.

I know I try to bathe Moe and Molly at least once a month. With a white cat, I usually know when it’s bath time for Moe, but with Molly, she’s a dusty color all the time so sometimes she gets to slide on bath time.

Below, you’ll find some of my favorite cat shampoos. You may want to consider one of them for your cat.


There are times where your cat may not need a full bath or cannot have a bath due health reasons or age, and for these times, you can use a pet wipe.

cat wipesI highly recommend a natural cat wipe.

You can buy the all natural EarthBath brand in hypo-allergenic or green tea formula. They will wipe away dirt, dander, and residual saliva from your cat’s coat. These will help moisturize your cat’s coat and skin with aloe vera and vitamin E, but they will not remove any topical flea and tick treatments, which is awesome.

These wipes will definitely help you clean up a cat after surgery or a young kitten you isn’t quite old enough for a proper bath yet.