Whether you are redecorating a child’s room, a studio or your own bedroom, add a few cats and kittens to the wall. Now, I realize that wallpaper is out of style and out of date, so I’m not saying paste four walls with kitten wallpaper.

Pick a nice, neutral color and choose a cat border to decorate the room. Generally, the border goes on the top of the wall, lining the ceiling, but kids can’t see that high. For a child’s room, put the border halfway down the wall so it’s in site and visible.

Or, maybe you don’t want the commitment of putting up a cat border. Consider fatheads. There are cat and kitten fatheads that you can put on the wall, then peal off when you’ve changed your mind.

If you’re decorating a child’s room, it’s inevitable that the child’s likes will change, so that’s were cat fat heads come into play.

FATHEAD Cats Graphic Wall Décor (Kitchen)

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Kittens Wallpaper Border (Misc.)

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