Cat love to look out the window, but if your window sills are like mine, there isn’t quite enough for your cats to sit comfortably.

There are different styles and options that you can buy.

You can buy heated window sills for your cat, and non-heated versions. Some even have hoods on them to shade your cat.

The biggest concern is finding a cat shelf that will hold your cat. Some of the window shelves only hold up to 20 pounds, whereas others may hold up to 40. Some shelves are designed long and wide, whereas others may be more narrow and short.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you may also want to consider finding a cat shelf that doesn’t have to be screwed into the wall or window sill.

You will find that most of the window sill shelves are more stable when you use drywall screws to mount the product into the wall or wood screws to mount to the sill. Some are more temporary with velcro strips, but you’ll have to worry about whether the shelf will fall with your cat(s) on it.

The window sill shelves for cats are great, as they allow indoor cats to have better access to view the outside world.

Cats love following birds, lizards, and bugs around, but by using the cat shelf, you can ensure your cat does so in the safety of your home.

Personally, I’m not a fan of letting my cats outside, and they’ve never been outside. But, Moe loves looking out the window. I wanted something safe that would still allow him to get the mental nourishment he needed. I do realize that looking out the window, is nothing like going outside and stalking a finch, but it’s much safer this way.

The cat sills are easy to install and a great addition to your cat’s entertainment.

I do recommend shopping around a bit before you make your decision. You’ll quickly find that the prices for cat shelves can be a little pricey.

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