Ever wonder what you’re cat’s tail is telling you? Over time, you may figure out what he’s trying to tell you, but if you’re not sure about some of his tail, I’ve listed a few common tail positions and what your cat may be telling you.

Not all cats are the same. Just because a puffy tail may be a sign of fright in some cats, it may not be for others. Moe, for example, puffs up his tail when he’s in a playful or spunky mood. His tail is often held high and puffed up when he’s focused stalking the dogs, instead of in a slow, swish.

Straight in the air: Confidence, excitement or contentment

Curved like a question mark: Friendliness or playfulness

Low tail: unsure or aggression. Some breeds like Persians, tend to carry their tails low when they’re in a playful mood.

Slow swishing tail: Focus. You’ll often see your cat swish his tail slowly, side-to-side right before he’s about to pounce.

Fast flicking tail: Irritation or fear

Puffy tail: Frightened. Cats often make themselves appear larger by puffing up their tail when they feel threatened.

Tucked tail: Fear, uncertainty or submission

Wrapped around you or another animal: Affection, comfortable

Shaking or vibrating tails: Excitement, anticipation