The holidays are coming up, and since I usually buy fun holiday-themed toys and treats for my dogs, I decided to check out holiday items for cats. It’s not fair to buy the dogs’ gifts, if I don’t get the cats anything. Now, my boyfriend says I’m turning into the crazy cat lady, but I don’t mind that label at all.

Falling within his guidelines, I can’t bring home another cat tree, but I can buy treats and toys. I can even buy a few baskets to make cat beds with.

Looking around, I’ve found a lot of the cat toys have cat nip in them. I don’t like cat nip; it makes Moe mean. So, Christmas cat toys are becoming harder to find with my requirements of cat nip free.

If you’re looking for cat nip toys, check out these cute cat toys.

If you’re looking for an assortment of cat toys, check out one of the stockings filled with balls, mice, and other toys. These generally have at least one cat nip-filled toys, so this wasn’t an option for me, but they can be great buys if you’re looking for an assortment pack.

What will you get your cat(s) for the holiday?