There are many reasons that cats scratch, and as a cat owner, but you don’t want your cat to destroy your carpet or furniture. In order to protect your things, you want to buy a scratching post.

Some cats prefer vertical scratching posts, whereas others like to scratch on horizontal objects. In order to save your things, buy at least one (but more is probably a good idea) scratch toy for your cat.

It’s easy to figure out what type of scratching post you need for your cat.

  • If your cat prefers to scratch on vertical objects, while standing or in a sitting position, you want a taller, vertical cat scratch post.
  • If your cat prefers to scratch on your carpet or on objects that are flat, then you want a horizontal post.

Just keep in mind that some cats like to scratch both types of inclines.

If you’re not looking for a cat lounger, there are other types of horizontal cat scratchers.

And, if you like the PetStages brand that sells awesome cat toys for all ages, there are neat cat scratchers made with a corrugated cardboard scratching area.