Automated, battery-powered toys can help exercise your cat- physically and mentally, but they never replace your interactions with your cat. Interactive cat toys can evoke natural feline behaviors that your cat may not be able to express otherwise; that or your cat is expressing his natural hunting behaviors on you or another animal in the home. These toys, and other similar toys, may help improve your cat’s behavior around the house, by giving him an alternative outlet.


Play-N-Squeak Tail Spin

This interactive toy elicits your cat’s predator and stalking mode. The top of the stump has a sisal cover which is perfect for scratching. The toy is battery powered and shuts off after 7.5 minutes, so if your cat gets bored and the toy sits for too long, your batteries are preserved. Depending on how your cat likes to play, this toy may be perfect. Some reviews claim the toy is poorly manufactured with cheap parts, so it didn’t work consistently or it didn’t work for long . Others love the product. If you want to give the Our Pets interactive Play-N-Squeak toy is about $29.99, but you can purchase it as low as $16.99.


SmartyKat LocoMotion

This battery-powered toy can be a serious exercising machine for your cat. The toy is programmable for up to two hours of play. You can even adjust the speed. The toy is made of 50% recycled post-consumer plastic and natural undyed feathers. The interactive toy keeps the feather fluttering and moving erratically to stimulate your cat’s mind and body. Depending on what review you read, the toy is sturdy and awesome or flimsy and worthless. The reviews vary greatly on this toy. If you want to give it a try, it’s $29.99 regular, or as low as $24.99. Similar toys may sell as low as $9.99 to $14.99.


Undercover Mouse

This electric toy has three speed settings that you can choose for your cat. The toy has a mouse tail that moves in random directions underneath a durable nylon covering, eliciting your cat’s predatory nature. Depending on your cat’s temperament, the motor may scare your cat, but the reviews for this cat toy are pretty good. If you have a large cat with a strong sense of stalking and hunting, the toy may not survive, but for average size cats, the toy seems wonderful. The retail cost ranges from $32.99 to $29.99, but you can find this brand as low as $25.99. Similar brands may sell as low as $9.99 to $14.99.