I recently purchased a few Kong cat toys, but I wasn’t really sure how Moe and Molly would go for them. In terms of play, they seem to prefer laser toys and harassing me, but I went for it anyway.

Before I could even take the toys off their packaging, Moe was rolling over them, which I took for a good sign. He played and rolled over and loved them for about 10 minutes, and now he’s done.

Molly has yet to see the new toys, but I’m sure she’ll fiddle with them when she’s ready.

The test is are the Kong Moppy toys going to be a long-lasting toy that keeps my cats’ interest.


Watch at 0:51, Moe snatches the Kong Kickaroo toy from me.

There are three Moppy cat toys- the Moppy Kickaroo, Moppy Ball, and the Catnip Moppy with Feather.


The Moppy Kickaroo promotes wrestling and hind paw kicking. Moe like to cuddle and roll over his, which could be attributed to the catnip; normally, I try to avoid catnip with Moe, but I thought I’d give this a try. The Kickaroo has a fluffy tail and a crinkly sound.

The Moppy ball is fun to claw and chase. It’s rattle stimulates play and appeals to your cat’s hunting and stalking instincts. This cat toy does not contain cat nip.

The Moppy with feather stimulate play and hunting. It has a crinkle base with a feather that your cat will love to chase. This toy is filled with cat nip. I did not buy this toy for Moe, but if he behaves with his other catnip-filled Kong toy, I will buy the feather toy.

These Kong cat toys have an irresistable texture that cats can’t seem to avoid for long. They come in a variety of colors, but your cat won’t care as long as he has his new toy.

Tell us how your cat like his Kong Moppy cat toys.