molly in the litter box When I first got Moe, I wasn’t sure how to litter train him, but I knew that for the most part, cat’s figure it out themselves. Unlike a puppy that will pee and poop all over the house, kittens tend to be pretty clean.

When I got Moe, I had him set up in a large box that contained his food and water bowls, a blanket, a toy, and a litter box.

Even though I’m in a one bedroom apartment, I wanted to make sure that he could find his litter box.

This worked for a few weeks until he figured out how to jump out and couldn’t get back in. At this point, I had to try something else because I really didn’t want to have to clean cat urine out of my carpet.

The first tips that must be followed when training a kitten to use the litter box include:

  • Keep the litter box clean. Cats don’t like to use a dirty box, not even kittens.
  • Start off with the litter box in a small room, like a bathroom, where you can shut the kitten in the room when you have to leave him unattended.
  • Stay positive!

Because I knew Moe understood the concept of the litter box, I added multiple litter boxes in my apartment. I placed one in the bedroom and one in the kitchen/living room area. This way, he never had too far to go to find a litter box.

As he got older, I slowly moved the one litter box a few feet every other week until both litter boxes were in the bedroom and then I was able to eliminate one completely. If he started to slip, I would back up a step because he just wasn’t ready to proceed.

  • For really young and small kittens, you may want to use a shallow pan instead of a litter box, as it will make it easier for him to get in and out of.
  • Place the litter box in an area of the house where the kitten will be spending most of its time. Sometimes this will mean multiple litter boxes on various ends of the house.
  • Keep an eye on the kitten. After he eats, gets up from a nap, or plays really hard, watch carefully for signs that the kitten may have to potty. Try to coerce him toward the litter box, if needed.
  • Keep the litter box clean!

Be leery of potty plants, as a small kitten may get confused and potty in the plant instead of the litter box. Also be careful of placing the litter box around or near loud objects, like the washing machine or drier.

It may take about 2-4 weeks to completely train your new kitten to use the litter box. During this time, don’t punish him for mistakes and be as positive as you can.