kitten moe and lailaNot all cats and dogs are pre-exposed to each other, so it’s important that you think hard before getting your dog a cat or your cat a dog. It’s very important to match the right dog to cat and cat to dog.

  • A dog that attempts to aggressively chase, pin, or otherwise “manhandle” a cat, should not have its own cat. If you want to try it anyway, you want to proceed with caution.
  • A dog that growls, lunges, or obsessively barks at cats, should not be in a home with a cat.
  • A cat that growls, swats at, and runs from dogs, probably won’t do well in a home with a dog.
  • A dog that loves to chase things will not dog will in a home with a shy cat that tends to run away from things, as it may trigger the dog to chase the cat. A better match is a calm cat that is confident and is not fearful.
  • A dog that is a rough player should not be in a home with a kitten or elderly cat, as the feline could easily be hurt. You want to choose a cat that is confident and playful.
  • A cat that is rambunctious and playful may do well with a dog that is also playful but knows when to be gentle.
  • An elderly dog or cat would do best with a calm counterpart, as rambunctious companions may annoy, frighten, or bother the older animal.

So, if you’re thinking about getting your pet a companion, you want to think hard so that you can make sure to pair your pet with the perfect friend.

But, keep in mind when bringing home a new kitten, sometimes you just never know what you’re going to get when the kitten grows up. Moe was a silly, crazy kitten but was overall really sweet. He grew up to be nothing but a crazy mess, and poor Laila doesn’t have a chance.

moe biting laila