Moe turned 6 months old this month, and was of age for his neuter. I dropped him off on Friday, and picked him up Saturday morning.

Even though he was only gone for 24 hours, my house was not the same.

Although, I do think Molly was probably quite content being the only cat in the house, but overall, nothing was the same.

Now that he’s back home, Moe seems to have settled back into his routines. He does appear a little timid and shy, but I’m sure that can be attributed to being a little sore.

He has been walking around a little stiff-legged, and his empty ball sack is filled with fluid, but within a few days, the pain should subside and the swelling should start to decrease.

Like any surgery, even a simple procedure like a basic neuter, complications can arise. Luckily, Moe got off without any complications and will be back to his old crazy self soon.