If it’s only been a day or so, I wouldn’t worry too much, unless your cat is showing signs of other illness.

If it’s only been a day, keep the following possible reasons in mind.

  • Cats like consistency, so if you have changed your cat’s bowl, feeding location, food, or feeding time, he may just be boycotting.
  • He may have gotten into the trash and ate some food scraps to fulfill his daily meal, or maybe he had too many treats that day and just isn’t hungry at dinner.
  • If it’s too hot inside or outside (depending on if your cat is an inside or outside cat), he may not eat.
  • If the food is old or stale, the fats may have started to go bad, which can lead to food refusal.

It’s not uncommon for your cat to not eat his food for a day or two , but long-term fasting can become fatal or be a sign of another illness. Long-term fasting can cause hepatic lipidosis, which is a fatal liver disease.

In the end, you know your cat so if you are concerned, take your cat to the vet for a check-up.