Orange tabbies are one of the more popular cat colors.

They come in a variety of patterns, to include Mackerel (tiger tabby), Classic (blotchy patter with a bull’seye on the side), Ticked (freckled appearance), and Spotted (freckled fur alternates with solid spots). Orange cats come in both long and short hair varieties.

The majority of orange cats are actually male, which a 80/20 ratio males to females. The gene for the orange coloring is carried in the X chromosome. Males only have one chromosome, where females have two, so males only need one orange gene and females need to inhereit two.

Famous orange cats:

  • Winston Churchill’s cat, Jock, attended wartime cabinet meetings
  • Garfield
  • Morris, 9 Lives cat food
  • Film appearances in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, “Alien,” and “Men in Black.”


fat orange cat

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orange kitten

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