Ever since I brought Molly home, I’ve had an extra smell coming from the litter box. Yes, the house went from one cat to two, but now I had a stink problem.

Moe never stunk too bad when he peed or pooped in the litter box.

Molly, on the other hand, has some serious issues.

No matter where you are in the apartment, you can smell when she’s gone to the bathroom. I’ve even been in the shower and could smell her from another room.

What’s even funnier, is that Moe doesn’t think she does a good job covering up after herself. He watches for her to finish using the litter box, kick litter over it, and get out. Then, he gets in the litter box and continues to cover up where Molly went to the bathroom.

Usually, her urine isn’t too bad;’ it’s the poop that is a killer. Even Moe can’t stand it.

The cat is perfectly healthy, and she eats a high quality cat food. She just has smelly poop.

It’s definitely been an adjustment to cleaning the litter box much more often with two cats than with just one cat. I still think that if Molly wasn’t so rotten, it wouldn’t be as killer on the rest of us.