Healthy cats spend at least 10% of their day grooming, so you’ll find that no matter who you ask, you’ll get a varied answer to the question- “should you bathe your cat.”

While grooming, cats are able to keep their fur clean of dirt and most substances, but it never hurts to wipe your cat off with a damp towel and brush your cat to remove what he cannot.

But, when it comes to giving your cat a true bath, that’s up to you.

  • Hairless cats need a bath weekly because they get greasy and dirty.
  • Shorthair cats rarely need baths, but once every 1-3 months is ideal to help clean their fur and skin of any leftover debris.
  • Longhair cats may require occasional baths, depending on how oily their fur gets.

Moe BathThere are also times in which your cat, of any hair length, just gets dirty, so you may have to put him in the sink or bathtub for a nice, warm bath.

If your cat spends time outside, you may need to adjust the frequency that you bathe your cat. Instead of 1-3 times a month for an inside, shorthair cat, you may need to consider 1-2 times a month, or more depending on how dirty he gets.

You know if your cat needs a bath if he smells, has something stuck in his fur, or his fur appears stained.