Instead of having to deal with cleaning out a litter box, you may want to try toilet training your cat as an alternative. It’s actually a pretty popular concept of many cat owners.

  • Move your cat’s litter box by the toilet. When your cat is comfortable with this change, which may take a few days to a week, raise the litter box. Put a box or thick book underneath the litter box to raise it, and wait another few days to ensure your cat is comfortable with the new change.
  • Raise the litter box again with another book or a taller box. Continue doing this until the litter box is parallel to the toilet. Then place the litter box on the toilet.
  • Wait a few days to a week or so until your cat is adjusted to the change and remove the litter box altogether. Place litter inside a large bowl on top of the toilet.
  • Then move towards placing the bowl inside the toilet. It will take several weeks for your cat to get used to using the bowl while its inside the toilet, but once he does, start to decrease the amount of litter that in the bowl.

You will have to empty the bowl quickly after each use in order to prevent your cat from trying to cover and dig.

  • Once you’ve reduced the amount of litter to about a tablespoon, start adding water to the bowl. Once your cat is used to this, remove the bowl.

cat toilet trainingIf you notice that your cat is resisting at any of the steps, go back a step because its means your cat wasn’t ready to move forward.

Positive reinforcement is very important with this training.

It will take time for your cat to get adjusted to having to balance himself on the toilet, so you will want to be patient. When it comes to getting him used to using the toilet instead of his litter box, it may take time.

There are other methods to training your cat how to use a toilet. There are even training kits that include pieces that sit inside your toilet bowl and hold litter around the the edges to entice your cat to use the toilet, but leaves the center open to the water.


Some people even use a plastic storage box with a hole cut inside it and a toilet seat one top to get the cat adjusted to balancing.

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