Classic Tabby

A classic tabby cat has bold, swirling patterns on its sides, often resembling a bullseye.. In some regions, a classic tabby pattern may also be referred to as a “blotched tabby.”
classic tabby cat

Mackerel Tabby

A mackerel tabby cat has narrow stripes that run parallel down its sides. Ideally, the stripes are non-broken lines that are evenly spaced apart and branch off a main stripe down the cat’s spine.
mackerel tabby cat
orange mackeral tabby cat

Spotted Tabby

A spotted tabby cat has large and/or small spots all over his sides that often appear to look like broken mackerel stripes. The spots may be roundhese spots can be large or small, and sometimes appear to be broken mackerel stripes. They can be round, oval or rosettes.
spotted tabby cat

Ticked Tabby

A ticked tabby cat may also be referred to as an Abyssinian tabby or agouti tabby. Ticked tabby markings do not have traditional stripes or spots on the body, but there will be tabby markings on the face. The body will have individual hairs that will be stripped in light and dark bands, which is known as agouti hairs.
agouti tabby cat

Patched Tabby

A patched tabby cat has patches of brown and orange with tabby markings that may be in any of the above design. Patched tabby cats are sometimes called tortoiseshell tabbies. Generally, the patterns are more pronounced on the legs and head of the cat.
patched classic tabby cat

torti tabby cat