You’ll find there are different types of scratching posts that you can buy for your cat, and not all cats like the same scratching posts. So, it may take some trial and error to figure out what your cat likes.

With Moe, he’s not much of a scratcher, but when he does, he prefers horizontal scratchers, but Molly likes vertical scratching posts. I only found this out after watching her scratch on the couch, cat tree posts, and even the bed. Moe always preferred the carpet.

When choosing cat furniture, you’ll find different materials and styles. Many use sisal, which is very durable and encourages scratching. Most cats will be happy with a sisal covered post.

Just make sure that when shopping for a scratch post, you find one that is durable and allows for a full stretch.

If you’re looking for a smaller post for a kitten, check out these:

cat sisal post small sisal post

Just keep in mind that your cute kitty will grow into a full grown cat soon enough.