When I first decided to get Moe, the lady who had him wasn’t sure how long to let him and his siblings nurse and when she should ensure they were properly weaned. The litter was unexpected, so she definitely didn’t plan and wasn’t knowledgeable in the area.

I did a little research to help her ensure the kittens were all healthy and to make sure that my new kitten would be healthy.

Typically, a mother will nurse her kittens for 4 to 6 weeks; at this point the mother will start weaning the kittens off her milk, and at 8 weeks they should be fully weaned.

Some mother cats will begin weaning her kittens early.

When the kittens open their eyes and become steady on their feet, you’ll want to start offering soft food, but mom’s milk should still be the main source of dietary nutrition.

When the mother starts weaning the kittens, you’ll want to offer more of the soft kitten food.

If you notice that the kittens are playing with the food more than they are eating it, be patient. They’ll figure it out soon enough.